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Tops Industry Group has a professional team for consulting before the sales. Tops Industry will ask the customer to fill in a Questionnaire to get a general condition and requirement of the customer. And design a special plant as per the customer’s demand. There aren’t any exactly same plants betTops Industryen any customers, because all equipment is specially tailored as per the buyer’s region, marketing, and country regulations.

Equipment Manufacturing Process

Tops Industry will make an equipment installation and work flow chart diagram for the customer once the project designing plan is mutually agreed and confirmed. At the same time, the basic production facilities such as required workshop size, electricity consumption, water consumption, air consumption, labor quantity etc will be informed to the customer.

A production schedule will be made once the down payment is deposited to our account, and the actual production process will be tracked and reported to the customer by photos or video as per the schedule. Tops Industry will inform the customer to come to our factory to inspect and make a trial production of the machines when the machine is completed in production.

The machines will be disconnected for re-painting and packing when Tops Industry get the test approval and acceptance of the customer.

After sales

As per the buyer’s requirement, Tops Industry provides the machine installation, commissioning, and training at the customer’s factory once the machines reach into the customer’s factory. We provide the technology guidance and consulting service for free of charge for the full life time of the machines.
Tops Industry provide the spare parts at the cost price for the full life of the machines.

Tops Industry can also introduce the buyers of the final products to the customer, or even we can help our customer to sell his end products because we have a worldwide customer’s information and relations.

Tops Industry’s Team is a group of committed technicians ready to assist you with your equipment at any moment. Tops Industry have customer phone support during working hours and service emails for after working hours.
Our service team is available for site visits and repairs as required. Call us any time to schedule a time to review your operation and servicing needs.
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Full Comprehensive Training and Support

Training and Support

Tops Industry understands that your equipment needs to be functioning efficiently and consistently for your success. We offer comprehensive training and instruction for any equipment operation, operations consultation, and market information. Specialized training may include:
 On-site consultation and facility operations review
Typical Tops Industry headquarters training and equipment review
Remote technical assistance and diagnostics
​​​​​​​ Professional seminar and webinar sessions and events

Please contact us for additional information on our Special training support and seminars,
 Tel: + 86 15962378058
 E-mail: info@topsindustry.com
Contact Tops Industry right now for the latest tire recycling market and industry information.
Training Site Group Photo of our Engineers with the Overseas Customer
Remote Technical Support
The Tops Industry’s Service Advantage: Real Time Global Support

Real Time Global Support

One of the many advantages TOPS INDUSTRY Equipment provides its customers is the ability to remotely assist and troubleshoot technical problems. In conjunction with the Tops Industry BRAIN control panel, Tops Industry Equipment support team can remotely access customer’s equipment and receive error messaging and system updates.


Tops Industry warrants that at the time of shipment to the buyer, all equipment was free of any defects or damages.

Twelve (12) months from the date of first use. Tops Industry only warrants items manufactured by Dura Shred.

Warranty will become null and void if the machine is used in anyway improperly. Any repairs and alterations to the system or machine have been done by someone outside of Tops Industry’s representation, must notify Tops Industry first and got the permission from Tops Industry.

Tops Industry will not be responsible for damage or losses incurred during operation of our machinery arising from Buyer's disregard or neglect of safety precautions necessary to insure safe operation of our equipment.

Tops Industry reserves the right under its product improvement policy to change construction or design details and furnish equipment when so altered without reference to illustrations or specifications used herein.

Tops Industry agrees to replace or repair the defective article, part, or machine thereof provided notice of such defect is provided in writing prior to expiration of the "WARRANTY TIME PERIOD" as described herein, and provided said article is made available for inspection by Tops Industry 's.

Tops Industry will not be responsible for labor costs incurred in the removal or reinstatement of defective articles or parts thereof. If the Buyer grants a warranty on such articles or conditions of greater scope than indicated above, the Buyer will assume the burden of such greater warranty and shall hold Tops Industry harmless from any and all claims of third parties based upon such extended warranties.
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