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Complete Reclaim Rubber production line

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Complete Reclaim Rubber production line

ZHANGJIAGANG SHILONG MACHINERY COMPANY is engaged in designing and manufacturing of high performance, user & maintenance friendly processing lines for recycling of End-of-Life Tyres for more than 15 years and have been continuously improving our technology & design to serve our customers better and better for Productivity, Quality, Cost of operation, Safety etc.

Our product line comprises of primarily 2 segments as follows:

A. Tyre recycling production line from Whole tyre to rubber blocks (TDF), rubber mulch, rubber granules, and super fine powder to process wide range of E-o-L tyres such as 2-Wheeler, Truck & Bus Radial & Bias tyres, OTR,  AG (Agriculture Machinery),  AC (Air Craft) tires etc.

B. Complete Reclaim Rubber production line, which includes ECO friendly, Ambient pressure, Electromagnetic heating, continuous process Devulcanizer with complete Technical knowhow to produce High Tensile reclaim rubber with tensile strength up to 12 MPa, High quality mixing mill and refiner mill, single head and twin-head extruder / strainer, and automation material transfer system for significant reduction of manpower & their fatigue, higher human, material & machines safety, consistent qualitative and quantitative output etc.

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