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Waste OTR Tyre Crown Strip & Block Cutter

This Waste OTR Tyre Crown Strip & Block Cutting machine is used to cut WASTE OTR TYRE CROWN into rubber strips, then feed the strips into block cutter to make rubber chips
  • TPS-OTRCR4500

  • TopsRecycling


There are many ways to recycle end-of-life off-the-road (OTR) tires.

By western countries technology, they cut the end-of-life off-the-road (OTR) tires into smaller sections by crocodile shearing machines, then put it into super chopper for the first shredding, then to dual shaft shredder to make rubber chips, followed by rasper for further size reduction and wire liberation.

This technology is fine; however, the machine cost is very high, the maintenance is completed, and the spare parts consumption is also high.

Furthermore, some end-of-life off-the-road (OTR) tires crown is very thick, it’s more than 300mm. Shredder and super chopper cannot cut such a big tyre. So, they use peeling machine to peel the surface rubber of end-of-life off-the-road (OTR) tires off to reduce the thickness of tyre crown before feeding into shredder, but it costs too much of time and labor.

By years of experience, TopsRecycling developed a block cutter to cut any size / type of end-of-life off-the-road (OTR) tires strip into rubber chips by one step only. It saves a lot of time and money.

TopsRecycling has supplied the end-of-life off-the-road (OTR) tires recycling machine to all the mining tyres recycler in China with very high efficiency and very cost effectively.

We are expecting to do our contribution in the field of end-of-life off-the-road (OTR) tires recycling field in the world soon.

Technical Data of OTR Tyre Side Wall Cutter





Motor   Power

22.5   Kw


Blade   diameter



Working   efficiency

2~3 tires   per hour


Power   consumption

Around   15 Kw per tire


Life of   cutting blade

500 ~800   Tires


Machine   gross weight

Around   11000 kg


Figure   dimension

6000mm   × 6000mm × 1800mm

Advantages of automatic waste tyre cutting machine

1. Economical investment

2. High efficient of cutting waste OTR tyres, it can cut 2 to 3 OTR waste tyres crown per hour

3. Reliable performance

4. Maintenance friendly

5. Low running cost

Working Process
Waste Mining Tyre Cutting Machine

Cut the OTR tyre crown into rubber strips by OTR tyre crown strip cutter 

Waste Mining Tyre Recycling Plant

Rubber Strip From  OTR Waste Tyre Crown

Waste OTR Tyre Recycling Rubber Chips

End rubber chips from OTR Tyre Crown made by block cutter


Q:What is the rated electrical power of this Waste OTR Tyre Crown Strip Cutter?

A: The rated power is 22.5 kW, but the actual power consumption is 50% to 60% of the rated power only. 

Q: How many operator does it required?

A: One person only

Q:How to load the tyre onto the machine?

A: By crane or forklift

Q: What's the cutting efficiency? How many tyres can cut per hour?

A: It can cut  2 to 3 OTR waste tyres side walls per hour. 

Q: How many blades are there?

A: One set of two (2) pieces. 

Q: What's the lifespan of the blade?

A: It can cut 2500 to 3000 tons of rubber chips from waste OTR tyres. 


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