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Waste Tire To Rubber Blocks, TDF Production Line

The most simple and popular application of End-of-Life waste tyres are TDF, Tire-Derived-fuel. Just simply cut the waste tyres into rubber blocks, or rubber chips at the size of minus 100×100mm, or any other size as the buyer’s requirement.

There are the following options to recycle waste tyres to TDF as per the requirement of rubber chip sizes, production capacity, and the investment budgets.

Manually strip cutter + block cutter

Automatic Strip cutter & block cutter

Single shaft shredder

Dual Shaft shredder

  • High Efficient Tyre Bead Wire Removal Machine
    This high efficient Tyre Bead Wire Removal Machine seperates the bead wire from the tyre bead. It is a very useful and important machine in waste tyre recycling plant. Moreover,  The bead wires separated by this machine is very clean and can be sold at high value. 
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  • High Efficient Debeader for Waste Tyre Recycling Plant
    This high efficiency debeader is a very important equipment in waste tyre recycling project. When the tire bead is taken out, it will be much easier for the shredder by lowering it’s loading force, and prolong the lifespan of the cutting blades. Moreover, when the waste tyre beads are taken out, the blade of rasper and cracker mill will also be protected.To compare with the bead wire puller, the bead wire bundle gets by this machine is free from rubber chips, and still keep in its original shape of round circle. So, it can be sold at much higher value. The bead wires that are removed by bead puller is not clean, there are always a small rubber block still stick on the wire, and it is deformed (not in circle form), so, it can be sold as scraps at very low value.
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  • Waste Passenger Tire Side Wall Cutter
    This passenger tyre side wall cutter is used to cut the passenger tyres into three pieces, two pcs of side wall and one pc of center portion, Tyre crown
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  • High Efficiency Waste Tyre Slitting Machine
    This waste tyre cutting machines is used to cut end-of-life waste steel radial and nylon tyres into two halves along its circumference, to make it easier for next step of strip cutting, or shredding, or transportation. 
     It is a new designed machine and very useful for any tyre recyclers. 
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  • Automatic Waste Tyre To Rubber Blocks Cutting Machine
    This fully automatic tyre cutting machine is used to cut waste tyres into rubber blocks. It is a very serious alternative to two shaft shredder, but has many advantages over shredder. 
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  • High Efficiency Fully Automatic Cracker Mill Plant for Waste Tyre Recycling Plant
    This cracker mill is a very important and very efficient machine in waste tyre recycling plant. It converts rubber chips from waste tyres or any waste rubber products to different size of rubber crumbs which can be used as the feedstock of continuous type waste tyre pyrolysis plant, rubber mulch for garden decoration, rubber granules for filling material of artificial turf, crumb rubber for playground paving & sports ground paving, rubber powder for reclaim rubber production, and rubber powder for modified asphalt for high grade express way paving.
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  • High Efficiency Fully Automatic Dual Hook Debeader for Waste Tyre Recycling Plant
    DHK dual hook debeader is used to pull out the bead wire from waste tyres. When the tyre bead of waste tyre is taken out before feeding into shredder, the working load force of the shredder will be relieved, and the shredder capacity will be greatly increased. The most vital importance is that the working life of shredder blades will be prolonged substantially
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  • Economical Waste OTR Tyre Side Wall Cutter
    This waste OTR tyre side wall cutter is used to cut the end-of-life off-the-road (OTR) tires tyre into three pieces, two pieces of tyre sides and one center portion, which will be ready for the further size reduction to rubber chips by our OTR tyre strip cutter and OTR tyre block cutter.
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