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High Efficiency Waste Tyre Slitting Machine

This waste tyre cutting machines is used to cut end-of-life waste steel radial and nylon tyres into two halves along its circumference, to make it easier for next step of strip cutting, or shredding, or transportation. 
It is a new designed machine and very useful for any tyre recyclers. 
  • TPS-WTSM1200

  • TopsRecycling


This Waste Tyre Cutting machine is used to cut waste tyre into two halves on its circumference in waste tyre recycling factory. When the waste tyres are cut into halves, it will be easier for the next step of waste tyre strip cutting and block cutting.  

Product Description
Waste Tyre Recycling Machine

System configuration of this waste tyre cutter

1. Electrical control panel

2. Hydraulic Cylinder

3. Cutting Motor

4. Upper side cutting blade

5. Tyre feeding platform

6. Lower  side cutting blade

7. Hydraulic Station

Technical Data
No. Items Description
01 Motor power
7.5 kW
02 Tyre lifting & unloading Hydraulic lift
03 Hydraulic motor power 1.5 kW
04 Tyre size range 900~1200mm
05 Cutting cycle time
10~15 seconds per tyre
Production capacity 50 to 80 tyres per hour depends on the operator efficiency
07 Gross weight 1600 Kgs
08 Figure dimension (L×W×H) 1300×1000×1800mm
Advantages of this machine
1. High efficiency (it can cut upto 80 pcs of tyres per hour if the labor work hard).
2. It is quite safe and friendly to the user. In the cutting process, the operator is far from the cutting blades.

3. The running cost is very low (about 2 kW per hour)

4. The blade maintenance is very convenient, when the blade get blunt, just grind it in situ on the machine without dismantle them off

5. It is useful for waste tyre recycler (if cut tyres into two halves on this machine, it will be much easier for the tyre strip cutting) and waste tyre trader (it will be easier for the transportation. When the tyres are cut into two halves, they can be overlapped like bows or plates, so, the container or truck can load more tyres)

Reference Pictures
Waste Tyre Cutting Machine

Loading the waste tyre on the machine

Waste Tyre Slitting Machine

The waste tyre is cut into two halves on its circumference

Waste Tyre Cups Cuts

Output --- Waste tyre halves


Q: What type of tyres can be cut on this machine?

A: It is very efficient to cut any size of truck and bus tyres (both steel radial tyre and nylon tyres). It can also cut passenger tyres, but the capacity will be decreased, because the tyre size is small, it can be cut off very soon. And takes more time for tyre loading & unloading. So, we don't recommend to cut passenger tyres on this machine.

Q: How many tyres can it cut per hour?

A: It depends on the tyre size and work efficiecy of the labor. If the labor works harder, the efficiency will be higher

Q: What's the electric power consumption?

A: In general, about 2 Kw per hour to cut about 60 pcs of tyres.

Q: How many labors required to operate this machine?

A: One operator only. However, if the tyre source is far from the machine site, it needs another person to transport the tyres to nearby the machine. 

Q: What's the lifespan of the cutting blade.

A: It can cut about 20000 pcs of tyres.

Q: How the cutting blade be sharpened when it get blunt?

A: The blade can be sharpened by manually grinding machine in situ on the machine itself. No need to dismantle it from the machine and bring it to processing center. So, it is very convenient and cheap, the video of the blade sharpening will be provided 

Q: What's the maintenance of this machine?

A: 1. Keep the blade sharp always, if it gets blunt, grinding it in situ on the machine by hand grinder

     2. Lubrite the bearings regularly

     3. Keep the hydraulic oil clean replace it as per the operation manual we provided. 

     4. Check the screw bolts and nuts regularly. Tighten them if any of them get loose. 

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